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Journal of Health Sciences Education Volume 9 No 2 - July 2022 to December 2022

Original Research/Article[OA]
Effectiveness Of Self-Directed Learning On Home Remedies For Heat Stroke Among Adults
Mayuri Bhoyar

Original Research/Article[OA]
Effectiveness Of Video Assisted Teaching On The Knowledge Regarding Prevention Of Early Hypertension Among Early Adolescents
Tabassum Sheikh

Original Research/Article[OA]
Self Instructional Module On Knowledge And Attitude Of PNC Mothers Towards Donation Of Human Milk To Milk Bank
Chitra Wanjari

Original Research/Article[OA]
Assess The Level Of Distress Among Infertile Women Undergoing Invitro Fertilization Treatment
Ashlesha Bansod

Review Article[RA]
Artificial Intelligence in Health Professions Education
Punit Fulzele

Review Article[RA]
Online medical education
MA Vinod

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Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University, Sawangi (Meghe),
Wardha, Maharashtra, India.