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Journal of Health Sciences Education Volume 5 No 2 - July 2018 to December 2018

Original Research/Article[OA]
Effectiveness of Educational Intervention on Knowledge regarding Cord Blood Banking among the Antenatal Mothers in Selected Hospital of Wardha District
Khushbu Meshram

Original Research/Article[OA]
Structured Clinical Observations (SCO) : A Method to Teach Clinical Skill
Renu Rathi

Original Research/Article[OA]
Dental Student’s Attitude towards Learning Communication Skills
Shravani Deolia

Original Research/Article[OA]
Community Based learning : An Overview
Chalakh S.

Original Research/Article[OA]
Relation between Class Attendance, Home Assignment Score among the Basic. B.Sc. Nursing Students
Darshana Kumari

Original Research/Article[OA]
Effectiveness of Mock Classroom Teaching in Improving Teaching Skill of Nursing Post Graduate Students
Madhuri Shambharkar

Offical Publication

Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University, Sawangi (Meghe),
Wardha, Maharashtra, India.