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Journal of Health Sciences Education Volume 6 No 2 - July 2019 to December 2019

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Dr Punit Fulzele

Original Research/Article[OA]
Evaluation of responses of BDS students regarding factors motivating for joining the BDS Course: A questionnaire based study
Dr. Nilima Thosar, Dr. Suruchi Gupta, Dr. Swanand Pathak, Dr. Anuja Ikhar

Original Research/Article[OA]
Assessing the utility of incorporation of module regarding collection and transport of microbiological specimens amongst II MBBS students
Dr Smita Fule

Review Article[RA]
Multisource Competency Assessment A review
Dr. Shweta K.Sedani, Dr. Sonali Chaudhari

Review Article[RA]
Key feature problem-A review
Dr Preeti Sharma


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Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University, Sawangi (Meghe),
Wardha, Maharashtra, India.