Aim and Scope of Journal


The journal of Health sciences Education is a national open-access, biannual, peer-reviewed journal for scholarly work addressing all aspects of the professional development and continuing health education. Its aim is to disseminate the essential information related to health education and to advance the knowledge, understanding and the decision making capacity of health professionals so as to have significant impact on global health care education systemand to promote the transformational research.


The journal attempts to present educational research from the disciplines of Medicine, Dentistry, Ayurveda & Nursing. It acknowledges the practical issues in teaching-learning and issues in educational sciences, emerging trends in health education and common challenges faced by the medical teachers and the learners.It also has focus on faculty development, student assessment, student development, educational research and analysis, curriculum development, need assessment, institutional policy, career planning, values and ethics in health education. The journal provides health care professionals with a new & distinct insight thus contributing to continuous professional development in health education.